Trucking of Ukraine

Freight transportation company "IVVATRANS" - a guarantee of prompt and timely delivery

Our company " IVVATRANS" offers you a high-quality freight. We offer you effective solutions for the transport of a wide variety of goods. Only with us you can be sure and confident that whatever your cargo will be delivered during a specified time and at a specified place. We guarantee that all the goods will certainly remain intact. Our company has a long enough period provides transport services of different levels of complexity.

Any freight transportation is carried out on a pre-thought-out plan. Our experts carefully think through and searching for the shortest, fastest route. Our drivers know a lot of short cuts and roads to avoid traffic jams. We carefully evaluate the quantity of goods in order to provide the required number of porters, if necessary. Our transport services meet all the criteria and conditions of quality. We work quickly, efficiently, without delays and unexpected situations.

Our company " IVVATRANS" has in its fleet of various types of trucks, which each designed for a specific load. Our company offers a wide range of vehicles with capacity from 1.5 to 25 tons. Due to the presence of different types of vehicles, we provide freight transportation of various classes. Our experts will transport your small-size, full-size or completely non-standard cargo.

It should be noted that our cars are not subject to sudden breakdown or some technical problems. Therefore, we are always willing to provide services trucking. Each car regularly without fail be inspected and various health check.

Our company is glad to meet each client. If necessary, our experts think over transport services so that you get a minimum of financial costs. We aim to please even the most demanding clients. Refer to the best and be confident in the quality and reliability!