About us

Our company offers transportation services to customers a high level of quality. We are responsible for the delivery, storage and forwarding services in Kiev, Kiev region and Ukraine.

Only a thorough analysis of their own activities, research partners and experience of competing organizations, as well as the constant search for new solutions contributes to obtaining positive results, both in the moment and in the future. Guided by their own achievements and relying on a lot of practice, our company has managed to create a solid range of services in the field of logistics. This system opens up the possibility of customer service management process move products from the manufacturer, distributor, importer and to the consumer.

What is in the range of services provided by our company?

  •      - Clear delivery schedule for door-to-door across the territory of Ukraine, as well as the delivery of goods to the flexible fence.
  •      - Delivery of cargo to more than 70 cities, from one pallet to 25 tons.
  •      - Regular direct delivery to retail stores in Kiev and Kiev region.
  •      - Lack of attachment to a pallet, the ability to deliver a wide variety of goods.
  •      - Guarantee accurate document.
  •      - Opportunity to encourage customers: offer increased cargo, as well as a flexible pricing policy.

The company offers the best solutions in the field of logistics and transportation. We provide freight transportation by road, as well as providing specialized equipment in Ukraine, Kiev and Kiev region.

Road transport - the main activity of the company. Having your own reliable vehicle fleet, as well as close cooperation with the automobile owners of the country allows the filing of the necessary transportation for one to three hours in the territory of the whole country, no matter what area of the need to carry goods. Our fleet consists of 12 vehicles: beads, trailers, cargo trucks and other special equipment.

Transportation of our company safe and secure as we work only experienced artists. All machines are equipped with a mobile communication company and the GPS-sensor for continuous monitoring of the movement and the safety of cargo. Cooperating with us, you can be sure that the goods will be delivered on schedule. Information on his whereabouts you will provide professional management of our company. On the reliability of our organization as evidenced by five years of experience with companies who use our services.

The cost of transportation depends on the route of movement, volume and weight. We will transport your goods, and you pay only a one-way road. Such a great solution provides us with a competitive price of our services, and the ability to attract new partners.

We are always ready to discuss the modalities of cooperation and will be happy to meet with you. Our company is working for you!