Furniture Shipping

Furniture Delivery

In our dynamic era all around is changing very quickly, and moves transformed. These changes occur in any area and affect a person everywhere. This also applies to the search of a new home or office, when people move and find the best options, rent offices and apartments pouyutnee roomier. All this requires a great deal of responsibility and effort, because when you move it is necessary not only to change the building, but also to move all the furniture, appliances and interior design in the new apartment. Much trouble delivering furniture transportation, because it is often in the home or office is a large number of chairs, tables, cabinets, which are the most difficult to carry. In order to facilitate the move and make it comfortable and safe, in the market there is such a service, like furniture transportation in Kiev. Many agencies offer their customers trucks and professional movers to help you accurately and quickly bring things from point A to point B. The company "Ivvatrans" is one of the leading organizations that provides transportation and handling services of various types, of which the principal place takes furniture transportation in Kiev. The cost of our service is characterized by its flexibility, because its calculation takes into account such important factors as the volume and amount of furniture, the need packaging, assembly and disassembly of things, the presence of the elevator. With this information, we expect not only the price, but also determine the degree of fragility of furniture. Our movers unload, load and transported it with great care, without damaging any of its parts or components.

Delivery of furniture - a process that requires special training on the part of the client and of the carrier. For it to be successful, you must follow a few simple rules. Firstly, it is necessary to take care of that furniture that does not fit into doorways or staircases, pre-disassembled it. Secondly, you need to very carefully monitor the fine details of the screws dismantled things, because without them it would be impossible to assemble the furniture back. These small items need to be put in boxes, as well as of the mark. This contributes to the rapid recovery of the assembly.

Our company complies with all the rules of transportation, and therefore our furniture transportation in Kiev of the best quality, speed and accuracy. We assume financial responsibility for the cargo, so guarantee a safe and reliable delivery. Furniture transportation in Kiev with the firm "IVVAIU Trans" - is an affordable high quality service that will make your move more enjoyable.