International transportation

Incoterms 2010


Customs brokerage services

With the concept of Incoterms 2010 facing any company working in the import or export . In this paper we consider the more extensive the term and try to give him a full explanation , as well as talk about the conditions of delivery ( basic DAF, FCA, CPT, CIP).

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Range of services in logistics and customs clearance. Our professionals will assist in the design of all necessary customs documentation and predsiavyat interests in bodies respectively .

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International cargo transportation for your business

Today you can see the rapid growth in popularity of such services as international freight, which are extremely popular type of service business representatives. How to start-up businesses, as well as medium and large companies undertake orders for delivery of goods to various countries of the world. The possibility of effective and rapid development of commercial activities outside the country associated with the activities professionally organized international transport of goods from the capital of Ukraine - Kiev.

Particular attention should be paid to our time choosing a company that provides freight service to other countries, because the quality of the execution of orders of many companies specializing in services for the delivery of goods, does not always leave only pleasant emotions. This question is of some importance, not only in respect of the cargo carrier pricing, as well as its responsibility, but also in terms of quality of service.

The most attractive country for investment today is China - the leader in terms of economic growth. It is because China is currently carried out the greatest number of imported freight. Lack of financial and organizational well-thought questions about delivery of goods from the Asian country threatened breach of the partnership between the parties and the negative effects on the business of traders.

Commerce and Industry today continue to strengthen communication with European countries such as Poland, Austria, Italy, Germany, and others., Which are the largest partners of Ukrainian companies. At the present time we can talk about the constant growth of traffic between the two countries, as many domestic organizations working with companies in Europe, ordering their precision equipment, consumer goods and equipment. Practical experience has shown, all the companies that organize international shipments with insufficient professional level, creating a lot of problems to their customers and business.

Therefore, only companies that have a good reputation, worthy of trust for the implementation of international transportation. Turning to the company "Ivvatrans" (Kiev), you will get a guarantee of timely and quality execution of the order for the delivery of goods from European and Asian countries. Therefore, if you intend to carry out the international carriage of goods, feel free to contact our specialists!