Air Freight

Air Freight

International air cargo can be called the best solution to the question prompt delivery of goods over long distances. After a significant increase in the speed of delivery of goods to the recipient associated with the use of air transport is. Moreover, thanks to the international air cargo can be transported goods of all kinds of dimensions.
With the help of air transport are usually transported perishable, dangerous, securities and general cargo, as well as those who require urgent delivery.

Our approach to air cargo

Unmistakably choose the board to carry a particular product our specialists help the necessary knowledge and experience gained in the field of logistics. But along with those in the organization of international air cargo customer care also plays an important role, because of the clarity and accuracy of filling in documents accompanying the product depends on the quality and speed of our staff.
Stopping choice for forwarding our company, you are guaranteed to get a high-level service and the promptness of air to every corner of the world. The key to the success of your business will definitely become our partnerships.

Striving to be a support for each client

Our operator will always occupies one of the leading positions in the airline industry of international logistics companies. This is due to our approach in the work, because the employees of the company "Ivvatrans" managers are the highest caliber who know their business and can instantly respond to all customer inquiries.
If at least some value for you have the words of the speed of paperwork, probity and reliability of orders, please contact us. You will not worry about the timing of transport of the goods and its safety, because the issues of international air transportation of your goods, we completely take care of. For all of your questions, please contact our managers, who kindly agreed to solve any problem.