Delivery freight

Freight precast become in recent years more and more popular in a variety of Ukrainian companies. First experience in trying to understand the basics of the problem may be that the delivery of cargoes requires a lot of time. However, because of it, you can significantly reduce their costs, not paying the entire delivery, but only some part of it.

For customers who intend to bring, for example, samples or small trial batch of new products, general cargo are ideal.

The company "Ivvatrans" has extensive experience in the field of international transportation, which includes freight precast and their service.

Individual approach to each client individually - this is our principle, which is constructed on the basis of the work of cargoes which employees are able to organize at the highest level as the transportation of cargoes, as well as a full range of related services. You will receive a service that is completely focused on the needs of the customer.

Implementation of the entire delivery of cargoes from Europe is produced in close cooperation with staying in a number of European countries by subsidiaries. Each of them has a special logistics terminals, the purpose of which is to consolidate goods.