Incoterms 2010

With the concept of Incoterms 2010 facing any company working in the import or export. In this paper we consider the more extensive the term and try to give him a full explanation, as well as talk about the conditions of delivery (basic DAF, FCA, CPT, CIP).

Incoterms (English. Incoterms) - adopted by the international community, the rules by which to explain the most commonly used trade terms in foreign trade activities of nature. International commercial terms are the standard terms of the contract of sale between the states, which have been pre-defined in the internationally recognized document.

All bases are managed in three main "transport" of the issue, to help you deliver the goods to the destination. This follows from the fact that the rules are governed by Incoterms some of the most important basic issues related to the organization of shipping works and delivery of the goods to the destination. These issues are as follows:

- The distribution of the cost of transport for delivery of goods between the seller and the buyer (this means prescribing in terms of delivery costs, which are borne by the seller, and the costs incurred by the buyer, and at what point it starts to do it).

- The moment from the seller to the buyer passes the risk of damage to the goods, loss or accidental loss.

- Determination of the date of delivery of the goods.

Among the matters which are not within the scope of Incoterms, it may be noted as follows:

- Rules for the transition from the seller to the buyer's property rights;

- The consequences of failure by the seller and the buyer of the existing obligations under the contract of sale of goods.
First Incoterms introduced and applied in 1936. International Chamber of Commerce has made the publication of the list of international rules "Incoterms 1936" for a particular interpretation of trade terms by which it was necessary to solve the problems associated with transportation. Amendments and supplements to these regulations were made 6 times in the 20th century. On 1.01.2011, the law came into force new rules based on the delivery terms Incoterms 2010. Due to changes in vehicle design Incoterms rules were adjusted to correspond to the practice of today's international trade.

If we consider the terms in accordance with Incoterms 2010, we can say that there are four groups of: E, F, C, and D. Then try to consider them in more detail.