International carriage of goods by road is the main activity of the company "Ivvatrans." Strong basic foundation that we have to perform at a high professional level of the service consists of suitably qualified professionals and their vast working experience. We are well aware of all the components of a successful organization of international road freight transport in Eastern and Western Europe, Scandinavia and the Baltic countries.

We have perhaps a combination of car cargo delivery with w / d, aviation and maritime transport, although trucks can act as the only mode of transport in the process of delivery. Economic calculations are the main criterion for selecting a particular category of transport. Here are calculated such factors affecting the price and efficiency of transport as cargo type, range of repetition, downtime and other. In almost every case, the use of several types of transport, air, w / d and sea transport are complemented by road. Questions about customs control, as well as on the implementation of the many services that are required by an international multi-modal delivery of goods, we decide on their own.

Types of transport for international road transport

International transport market in our country is quite complex and has tough competition. Since our company has many advantages, allowing professionally carry out the international gruzoavtoperevozki, we hold in this market quite a decent position. To perform each specific task, we can choose the best car, because the location of "Ivvatrans" has a modern fleet of various class trucks. Our company always follows unwritten rule concerning the ideal technical condition of the fleet in order to avoid malfunctions of the road, which require international transportation by road. Therefore, the problem of delay of our goods due to a breakdown of transport, we are simply not available.

In the comprehensive service that we provide to their customers when the international transport by road, included support for cargo and his guards, customs clearance and insurance. Our experts provide the delivery of goods in full safety, taking into account all the important details related to a specific delivery, as well as respecting the contractual terms of accuracy.

Among the additional services that our company provides customers with the organization of international road transportation, are the following:

  • • transportation in European countries;
  • • Agreeing terms of cargo delivery to its sender;
  • • Organization of loading, unloading, work on the assembly, repackaging, labeling, storage;
  • • Provide customers with information about the whereabouts of the goods at any time, based on the tracking of goods during their journey transport not only in Ukraine, but also abroad;
  • • registration of the customs authorities;
  • • cargo insurance, their protection and support.

Our experts successfully produce all operations on international transport using vehicles, and you at the same time be able to solve their business problems. After all, highly qualified staff working in the company "Ivvatrans" aware of international freight transport by road almost everything.