Sea Freight

In this age of technological progress continue to be relevant international maritime transport, which belong to the most ancient types of services for the delivery of goods. This is a profitable and reliable from an economic point of view view product transportation of raw materials and industrial production over long distances. Certain value in the order fulfillment process is not only the use of other modes of transport (multimodal transport), but also the selection of the optimal scheme of movement and delivery of goods, which allows you to provide quality and timely delivery.

Seascape cargo transportation ensures the complete safety of cargo, because for such transport third-party access to the goods completely banned. Moreover, it should be noted maximum level of convenience moving sea transport of bulky goods which require special storage conditions.

Container trucking recently covered almost all kinds of products - for transportation of bulk materials, with / x fertilizers, petroleum products, as well as other types of raw materials used special sealed bunker. Condition compulsory accompaniment organized according to existing international standards (where the status of transportation are containers transportation special purpose entities) should be obligatory for the carriage of dangerous goods via sea transport.

We provide sea transport of goods using containers in all major areas of Ukrainian ports of Odessa, Mariupol, Iljichiovsk.

In international maritime transport include:

         • Container cargo transportation (land, sea) through various types of maritime transport;
         • Port forwarding goods to imports;
         • Preparation of the required documents by the customs authorities on imported or exported goods;
         • Implementation of the transportation of goods through the use of special containers;
         • Execution of quarantine, environmental and veterinary documentation;
         • Provision of services stuffing exported goods into containers;
         • unstuffing import cargo from containers;
         • Registration of goods in customs bodies modes "import", "export";
         • Warehousing.