Rail freight

Quite convenient type of transport services are rail freight. Implementation of the delivery of goods is made with a high level of reliability and good speed, although subject to the order by experienced professionals who are highly qualified.

During the planning of rail transportation, we stop at the optimal choice in terms of tonnage and cars kinds of containers. In the future container capacity can reboot to other modes of transport. Our experts will very quickly move the containers on maritime vessels (as well as perform the reverse operation), as the company "Ivvatrans" has branches in almost all Ukrainian seaports.

We provide the following services:

         • - Produce perform calculations on w / e rates in areas gruzoprohozhdeniya.
         • - Customs declaration of goods in transit.
         • - We provide insurance products excise type.
         • - phytosanitary control of goods, if transit services on the territory of Ukraine.
         • - ensure the protection of goods.
         • - Control the status of goods at each stage of transportation: when you send, on the road, warehouses, on the border checkpoints, during transfer. Customer may, if desired, to obtain data about cargo location and passing the border points.

Through long-term cooperation with companies from Eastern European countries, we have got useful experience as quickly as possible operations on an overload of goods and reinstalling cars at the entrance to other countries, that is the key to efficient execution of orders.

Our company carries out cargo w / d transportation not only in Ukraine, but also through the ferry links to Europe.

Turning to us, you will be able to take advantage of many related services and have an effective service. If you want to save your precious time, effectively applying it to develop its own business, you can safely entrust us with the transportation of their goods, and you will not regret it.